Check – what SEO is and how to increase website rankings thanks to seo

SEO is a popular shortcut for Search Engine Optimization. This is an optimization of the website that we publish on the web. It depends on site optimization whether it will be high in Google’s search results. We present the following methods to increase the chances of a good result of the website in the search engine

Content length
Google’s positioning is directly influenced by the factor – how long the content is. In an investigation by Search IQ, the average content size in the first positions was about 2,500 words. This is because Google searches for the most complete content that clarifies the doubts of readers. But this is not the rule. It all depends on how your person reacts to the size of your content, and above all whether your content fully answers the question that led your person to him. Regardless of the size of the text, the person must read the content and solve all questions. Otherwise, he will look for another text that will better explain his questions.

Corresponding cancellation address
Web addresses are an important positioning factor on the Internet. Google also recognizes the use of keywords in the page address. In addition, the more friendly the URL, the easier it will be for readers to click and navigate to your site.

Header tags
Headers are necessary to prioritize page content. Up to six headers can be seen in the code, presenting the most important content (H1) and their subtitles (H2 to H6). In this way, Google determines the hierarchy of information about your content.

Time spent on the site
Time spent on the website by customers is an important element of website positioning in search engines, such as Google, because it is a way of showing the search engine that the content is of good quality. The longer the reader stays on the page, Google interprets even more effectively that this content responds to a person’s doubts. If the reader enters and immediately leaves the page, Google understands that this text is not liked by the audience (if it is repeated constantly). Create interesting content and keep the reader on the site!