Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search Engines are everywhere in the modern day. From Google, to Bing, search engines come in many different forms and all serve a different user base. In order to correctly optimize an engine efficiently (SEO), you must take the user into consideration. Understanding common user queries on your platform can help identify essential points of focus for your time and money. Let’s say you are a fast-food restaurant owner in Toronto.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that your target user is searching for ‘burgers in Toronto’ or ‘fast food Toronto’. Using this data, you can also narrow in on your target user by researching where most of these search queries are made! Whether it be Google or Bing or another engine, finding out the engine along with analyzing the top results of the search query will give you valuable insight.

You should also look at the keywords associated in the top results of the search. Often times, people don’t directly search for something, but through cleverly placed keywords their result pops up in the top 5! A good way to expand your knowledge on how different users arrive at the same result, you can look at Google’s autocomplete search feature to see the most common words after ‘fast food in Toronto’ for example. Searches such as ‘fast food near me’ or ‘best fast food in Toronto’ for example could all yield the same result based on the user and his/her location!

Similarly, you can also expand your keyword list by looking at other places such as online forums (Reddit, Quora). Although not as popular, to achieve SEO you need all the help you can get! Facebook groups are also another great way to find similar pages and modify your strategy accordingly. Best of luck on your journey to search engine royalty!